Bring home the beauty of the Parisian runways

Bring home the beauty of the Parisian runways

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To create a snapshot of today’s style moment, Lancôme teamed up with three talented and breakout Parisian designers:  Yiqing YinAlexandre Vauthier, and Jacquemus.

Each designer was given carte blanche to create a re-imagined luxury makeup bag, with the soul of an evening clutch, to house three Lancôme essentials: L’Absolu Rouge Lipcolor, Hypnôse Star Mascara and the Hypnôse Eye Palette. The result is Nouvelle Vague, a new wave of inspiration where fashion and beauty collide. These three unique designs showcase the diversity of today’s French fashion scene and celebrate the individuality and multifaceted personality of the modern Lancôme woman.


Yiqing Yin: Creative Romance

Understanding that fashion is a mode of expression, Yin aimed to create a dreamlike dialogue between strength and fragility to complement today’s bold yet feminine woman. “I started from the premise that my evening clutch was to become my makeup bag and not the other way around,” mused Yin. The resulting sculptural bag juxtaposes rough textured fabric with a precious gold chain. Engraved on the raw, pure metalwork is the signature Lancôme Rose.


Alexandre Vauthier: Beaute Fatale

Known for his blend of rock seduction and sexy style, Vauthier infused his trademark style into a glamorous, sleekly chic clutch. “I like to create balance, the perfect proportions,” explains Vauthier. “I love cold elegance, fire under ice.” The slimly-designed, black envelope is the perfect evening clutch—a precious case to match the treasures it contains—with a golden clasp emblazoned with the elegant Lancôme Rose.


Jacquemus: Ultra-Fresh

Always an independent spirit, the precocious Jacquemus designs for girls who have grown into women yet still maintain an air of whimsy. His bag is no exception, embodying lively spontaneity and playful simplicity. Jacquemus imagined “a carry-pouch to be worn like a belt if wrapped around the wrist—a practical, ergonomic accessory.” His voluminously rounded pink wristlet opens with a Lancôme Rose embossed silver tab to reveal a splash of vibrant blue lining.



July 28, 2014 on

$1,500 Alexandre Vauthier

$1,500 Yiqing Yin

$500 Jacquemus




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