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Bittersweet Bracelets are Simple but Amazing

Bittersweet Bracelets are Simple but Amazing


This is literally one of those products that you say to yourself “Why didn’t I think of this.”  The invention is simple but amazing and I am so excited to wear it!  BitterSweet bracelet was designed to hold an always needed hair tie elastic within a classy bracelet.  If you are like me, I am always strutting a hair tie elastic around my wrist…… not a pretty site especially with a dress.  I do this because when I need my hair pulled back, the hair tie will be readily available and I don’t have to go searching for one….. you can never find one when you are in need of one!  Besides being an eye sore around my wrist and an unfashionable statement, the hair tie elastic was tight and uncomfortable, stopping my circulation and irritating my skin!  They actually made dents around my wrist.  BitterSweet bracelet holds a hair tie elastic in a crevice circling around the stylish bracelet, eliminating the pressure from the elastic to the wrist.



Believe it or not, the hair tie elastic is actually part of the design of the stylish bracelet.  It is channeled in, making the design of the bracelet look like no other piece of jewelry ever made.  Even when the hair tie elastic is in use holding my hair back, the BitterSweet bracelet is elegant and modern.   Therefore, the bracelet can be worn with or without the hair tie elastic and still look chic.  BitterSweet is a cool way to keep your hair tie elastic readily available with you at all times without the painful elastic band indentions!  With eleven different designs in gold, silver, rose gold or steel finish…. it is hard to chose one!  This stunning invention makes a perfect Valentine’s gift, birthday present or just a “sweet” little surprise for your special person in your life!  If you are a slave to wearing that plain hair tie elastic band around your wrist, don’t wait any longer, let BitterSweet bracelet change your life….. as it changed mine!  Available from $45.00 to $85.00 at http:/

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