The DBelt Pro is perfect for exercise and for everyday life!

The DBelt Pro is perfect for exercise and for everyday life!

June 10, 2015 1:22 am 0 comments


After trying and loving the DBelt Original, I did not hesitate to test out the DBelt Pro.  I honestly love both but being a hardcore workout nut, the DBelt Pro is suitable for me when I conquer my intense workouts!  For example:  Ready to run a half of marathon race, my family did not want to arrive at 6:30 am with me for registration before the race and then patiently wait around 3 hours until the race started.   They promised to be there to cheer me on at the finish line.  What is a runner to do with all their belongings and no one to hold and trust them with…. Well, thank you DBelt Pro because I had my keys to my car, my driver’s license, my insurance card, my cell phone and cash and no one to free me from my valuable belongings.  I placed everything in my DBelt Pro and ran the race with not a worry in the world.  The DBelt was comfortable, fashionable and held on to my valuables!  Even after 13 miles, no chafing!   I love when products do their job!  The DBelt Pro has a thinner cut of hi-tech, water resistant, polyester/spandex fabric which rest lower on your hips so you are able to have greater movement.  The DBelt is guaranteed to carry all your important items and ensure stability even with the endurance of any hardcore workouts like running, high impact aerobics, cross fit training, rock climbing, just to name a few.

The DBelt Pro has Xtra-Dry fabric which transports moisture from the skin to the belt’s exterior keeping you sweat free and comfortable. You are cooler and drier longer!  The DBelt Pro is bounce free keeping my belongings snug and secure.   The three pockets are lined with moisture-resistant material to keep your electronics and essentials dry.  It has a slide in velcro-secured pocket for phone access – large enough for the iPhone 6 Plus size.  It has a zippered essentials pocket for keys, credit cards, driver’s license and cash for safely.  The DBelt Pro is designed for both women and men — available in sizes from P to XXL.   Comes in a variety of colors!  After the race, my family left for home and I stayed for the big cook-out and a drink (I deserved it).  I changed out of my running gear and into dry clothes but kept my DBelt Pro belt on to hold my valuables so my hands were free ….  one hand for my hamburger and the other for my drink.  My metal that I received from the road race was also stored away in my DBelt Pro safe and sound!   The DBelt Pro is perfect for exercise and for everyday life!  Purchase yours now at



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