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I wash my hands constantly to avoid getting sick. The results of this keeps me healthy (flu free) but my thumbs would get so dry that the skin would spit on my finger tips near my finger nails.  The cracks were so painful especially when washing my hands or applying lotion which would make them sting. They would bleed if my thumbs were banged or pressure was applied to them. I needed a product that I could trust and that would work fast! I actually stumbled on to some great advice from an older women in a fabric store one day. Not meaning to ease-drop, this woman was talking to another woman about Bag Balm, a product made in Vermont since 1899. She stated that she keeps a tin of Bag Balm by her sewing machine for when she pinpricks her fingers while sewing. She said it soothes and heals her fingers in minutes. Plus, it was the best product that she ever used to moisturize her dry winter skin.

Well I was in desperate need of a repair…… so I purchased Bag Balm!  This product simply is AMAZING!!!  It heals cracked and chapped skin quickly with no stinking!  It soaks into skin in minutes, leaving your skin soft and healthy!  It is an anti-chafing product for when I ride my bike long distances.  I massage Bag Balm on my feet before my run and I have not developed any sores, calluses or blisters. My feet are baby soft, keeping moisture in!  Does wonders for my chapped lips and is easy to carry in my pocket to reapply! Here are other uses for Bag Balm which I can’t wait to try:  Scrapes, abrasions, pets paws abrasions, fading of acne scars, diaper rashes, splinters (draws them out), minor burns, athlete’s foot, sunburn, wart remover, protect against harsh climates, and eczema  - just to name a few!

It is astonishing what this little green tin can can do!  Bag Balm products are available in Drug and Grocery stores (typically in the skin care aisle), Farm stores, Pet stores, Hardware stores, and Feed and Tack shops or by calling direct at 1-800-232-3610.  For over 100 years, Bag Balm has fixed discomfort on the farm and in the household.

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