For the Mom on the go, a perfect Mother’s Day Gift from Thymes

For the Mom on the go, a perfect Mother’s Day Gift from Thymes

May 5, 2014 10:41 pm 0 comments


Every year I search high and low for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Thymes’s Studio Collection launched six new scented cologne rollerballs this spring.  I am in love with all of the Thymes products so I thought this would a great gift to give this year. My favorite scent, out of the six, is Jade Matcha. I wanted to give my mom the pleasure of smelling that fresh scent throughout the day but in an easy and convenient way of applying it to her body with no hassle and no mess. Flip open the matte silver closure and roll the cologne on an area of your skin – wrist, behind your ears, and/or neck.  You have the control!  This means no more fiddling with spray perfume bottles which happen to spray everywhere you don’t want it to go – your clothes, your eyes, and even the floor!  The bottle is easily to store in a purse or a desk drawer. With the rollerball you can control the scent…. one dab on your wrists for a light, citrusy scent or roll it down your neck for a more richly, invigorating scent. The fragrance is a fresh, pretty smell. An opulent, modern infusion with frothy matcha tea, seductive notes of bergamot, tangy lemongrass overtone, and a hint of cardamom, to add some spice.  Feels like a breath of Spring!   The long lasting fragrance truly evolves as one wears it, not an overpowering fragrance!


The studio collection includes the other beautifully scented cologne rollerballs:  Aqua Coralline- Pure water lily, delicately floral white cyclamen, and crisp driftwood.  Kimono Rose- Satiny rose, peony, and jasmine.  Lotus Santal- Plum wood, patchouli, and spicy clove.  Rosewood Citron- Fresh and woody vetiver, bright citron, and sparkling grapefruit.  Tiare Monoi- Tiare flowers, wild jasmine, delicate osmanthus and ylang.  Price: $19.00 each / Available:        Perfect for mom on the go!

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