Never Sink Again in Solemates High Heeler

Never Sink Again in Solemates High Heeler

October 12, 2014 1:08 am 0 comments


Solemates High Heeler is one of those products that after using it, you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of inventing this.”  These little covers are genius!!!  I attended an outdoor wedding and Solemates High Heelers were absolutely perfect for walking in the grass, standing for hours in the grass, and even walking on a cobblestone pathway with my high heels.  They prevented my heels from sinking into the lawn all day long!  They also prevented my heels from getting ruined from falling in between the cracks of the wooden deck, we later gathered on!  Solemates gave me balance and stability to even my highest of heels especially on all the uneven surfaces that I conquered like grass, brick patios, wooden decks and cobblestone pathways.  Solemates fit nice and snug on to my heels with no slipping at all and stayed secure in place the entire time I wore them!  When placing Solemates High Heelers on to your heels, you create a thicker heel to stand on, so my high heels were actually more comfortable and secure to wear.  I actually felt safer dancing with them on!  The flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel of the shoe!  Easy to put on and easy to take off to reuse over and over again!!!  You don’t even realize they are on!  They are barely noticeable when worn!  The only noticeable thing was everyone else was sinking and having a hard time in the grass and I was not!  People started to come up to me and question why I was not sinking into the grass.  Solemates High Heeler – I told them!

The key to this product is getting the right size for your shoe heel.  Make sure you go on the website before purchasing and they will have specific measurements for their sizes.  I measured the base of my heel and it was 3/8ths of an inch which is “Classic” and that is what I ordered and they fit my heels perfectly.  So measure your shoe heels before ordering!!  You can order Solemates High Heeler on or just to name a few stores that carry Solemates are Nordstrom, DSW, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more.  Check out their website for more stores.  Available in three sizes:  Narrow, Classic, and Wide.  Available in 4 colors:  Clear, Gold, Silver, and Black.  Now my daughter and her friends want a pair of Solemates for their prom pictures in our backyard on the grass!  What a Brilliant Idea!!!

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