Fill your Stockings with Colorful and Fun Hair Accessories by Scunci

Fill your Stockings with Colorful and Fun Hair Accessories by Scunci

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Scunci Hair Accessories have been the number one leader in hair fashion and affordable hair accessories for over twenty years! From simple elastics to the latest technology of their no slip grip headbands, Scunci quality has always been the best in my eyes. You can always rely on Scunci to design a good product and more importantly a comfortable one!!!

I love the Scunci Everyday & Active Headwraps line. They are super comfy and don’t make my head sweat. I wear them when I work out, wash my face and when I garden. When I am having a bad hair day and I need to tame my hair, I just throw one on and in a flash my hair looks stylish! The performance and premium fabric makes them super comfortable for all head sizes and the elasticity last forever. I run 4 to 6 miles per day and always wear the Scunci Everyday & Active Headwraps to keep my hair away from my face. I cannot live without them! They don’t slide up or down on my head. They have a no slip grip so they actually stay in place and I can enjoy my run and not be focusing on my headband falling off! I throw them into my washing machine to wash them because I use them all the time and they still maintained their elasticity. Love them!!! Scunci Everyday & Active Headwraps come in assortment of pretty colors. Some are even designed to be reversible to match any outfit!

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The Scunci Everyday & Active Hair Ties are also play a big part in my life! I rely on hair ties everyday, that is why I choose Scunci Everyday & Active Hair Ties. Not only do you get a generous amount of hair ties per package but they are damage free with no annoying metal pieces in them to pull out your hair. They are thick so they don’t snap like thinner elastics do. If Scunci Everyday & Active Hair Ties can hold my thick hair while I run, jump rope, and crossfit train, they can hold anyone’s hair firmly in place! They are strong and pretty!!! Plus some of the Everyday & Active Hair Ties have light reflecting patterns. They look like the reflects on a bike light or guide post you see along the road. Super strong but very gentle on my hair. They come in a variety of pretty colors! My favorite hair ties are the No-Slip Flat Reflective/Ponytailers. With the flat design and no slip technology, they create a bold statement – not your basic kid elastic!



They are so comfortable and good looking!No matter how tough my workout gets or my daily life, I know I can count on Scunci Hair Accessories to do the job right! I love them so much that I am filling my daughter’s stocking and attaching them to the bows of my nieces gifts!   scunci hair accessories can be found in mist retail and drugstores nationwide

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