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Sock it to me — the best gift ever: K. Bell Socks !

Sock it to me — the best gift ever: K. Bell Socks !


What do you get for someone who has it all or what do you want to receive as a gift assuming you don’t need a single thing!  My children were so undecided as to what to get me for a special Mother’s Day gift this year.  Many ideas popped up into their busy minds …… chocolates (NO, always trying to eat healthy), perfume (have so many bottles, I could open my own perfume store), flowers (allergies), Italy trip (too expensive)!  How about SOCKS!  Not just any socks but K. Bell Socks.  Socks are a lot like shoes, an everyday essential which need to be comfortable yet colorful and different to pull together an outfit!   I have a passion for socks …… unique patterns, pretty colors, different styles and of course high-quality material!  I love all the different styles, crew socks, footie socks, holiday socks or over the knee socks, you can choose from whether you need fun in your life or some sophistication.  K. Bell has everything for everyone in your family.  My favorite is the Women’s Leg Sleeve or called Sport Legwarmer.  I wear these socks running and working out!  They are so comfortable and cozy but not bulky.  I also decided to wear them lounging around my house!  Many socks I purchased in the past restrict my legs and ankles and when I take them off, I literally have indentation from the tightness.  I hate that so much!  I end up throwing the brand new socks away in disappointment.   My second best sock is the Leopard Panel Knee High Sock.  It adds style to any outfit.  Believe it or not they actually make your legs appear thinner because of where the leopard panels are located.  Flair and comfort thats what you receive with K. Bell Socks!



They have funky slippers socks, feeling like a kid again!  There is not one Novelty sock I don’t want from cute cow patterns to musical notes.  Love them all!!!  After I received my K. Bell socks, I went directly to and purchased The Girls series socks for a few of my stylish, sophisticated female friends and family.  The Girls series are socks that celebrate women’s passions.  I bought the wedding girl socks for my niece about to get married.  She loved them so much, she is planning to wear them with her going away outfit!  Wine girl socks for my friends who only drink wine!  Texting girl socks for my daughter who obviously can’t live a second without texting!  There is so much to choose from ….. women’s, men’s, sport, holiday, kids and Laurel Burch Design which K. Bell partnered with 15 years ago (all of Laurel Burch Design are original artwork representing her artistic vision).  So spread some comfort, style and a smile, give the gift of K. Bell socks to someone!  Easy gifting that the receiver will appreciate and wear !!!

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