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New Unisex Perfume From Krigler, LIEBER MOMENT 214

New Unisex Perfume From Krigler, LIEBER MOMENT 214


An iconic perfumer Krigler has launched another unisex  fragrance as a tribute to his first one. This fragrance, which was created to suit both men and women is Lieber Moment 214. Krigler Lieber Moment 214 is a luxurious fragrance which opens with fresh top notes of Mongolian grapefruit, aldehyde, and calming lavender. The lavender warms with intensely sensual scents of violet, rose from Italy, and ylang ylang and ends with rich woody base of white musk, enticing vanilla from the Reunion Island and intoxicating patchouli from the Philippines.

This fragrance is a great way to open Spring!  New beauty, New life, New love!  It is a romantic scent inspired by a love letter between a young woman and her fiance from World War I.  You just can’t help feeling passionate while wearing this fragrance. It is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love while also evoking the opulent excess and beauty of Berlin and Provence in the 1910′s. A fragrance that takes you away not takes your breath away by being overpowering. I love it because it is a soft scent with lavish flare of rich blended fragrances capturing the spirit of the person wearing it. Perfect to wear during the day and into the night. Krigler Lieber Moment 214 is on the top of my perfumer list!

Price 1.7fl.oz: $195.00, 3.4fl.oz: $285.00  Krigler products can be purchased in their boutique located in New York City on West and 58th Street or they have a great sample service online at With a flat fee between $7.50 and $12.50 per sample you can have a sample of their exclusive fragrances shipped directly to you at no shipping cost.  All samples are prepared upon order, hand-made and are decanted into vials (1ml) and labeled with the name.  You can also order samples from their skincare and bodycare line. This is an incredible and effortless way to evaluate the Krigler products before purchasing them. Thank you Krigler for beautiful products and magnificent service!

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